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For the use of Airbeas Travel's Website, the general terms and conditions are outlined for the rules and regulations, located at https://www.airbeastravel.com/

To make a booking request for flights and flight-related services on the Flight Portal, you must be at least 18 years old and acting as a private consumer. In contrast to a business, a private consumer is a natural person who enters into a legal transaction for reasons that are primarily unrelated to their commercial and/or self-employed activity.

For flights and flight-related services, your contractual partner is:

Airbeas Travel USA Limited

1968 S. Coast Hwy, 759 suite

Laguna Beach, CA. US 92651

United States

E-mail: support@airbeastravel.com

Telephone: +1 949 409 3027

Airbeas Online Travel Private Limited


E-mail: support@airbeastravel.com

Telephone: +1 949 409 3027

1. Scope of Services

1.1 Mediation Of Travel Services

1.1.1 We exclusively function as a mediator for the travel and flight-related services offered on the Flight Portal (collectively referred to as "Travel Services"). As a result, our role and responsibilities are limited to mediating Travel Services provided by third parties such as airlines, travel operators, insurance, train companies, and other service providers (hereinafter in each case "Service Provider").

1.1.2 As a result, You and the applicable Service Provider enter into a direct agreement for the actual supply of Travel Services (for example, a transportation contract or an insurance contract). We are not a co-vendor of Travel Services and are not a party to the Service Provider's contractual agreement with You.


1.1.3 You authorise Us to serve as your agent with the applicable Service Provider(s), including payment mediation for certain Travel Services, to ensure that the transaction between You and the Service Provider(s) is completed. A commission for the services we provide in negotiating the agreement between you and the applicable Service Provider may be included in the price provided for the actual Travel Services.

1.1.4 The applicable Service Provider is solely responsible for the actual performance of the Travel Services mediated through the Flight Portal. We do not accept any responsibility for the Travel Services provided by the Service Providers in our capacity as an intermediary, and we make no representations or warranties (express or implied) about the suitability or quality of Travel Services mediated through the Flight Portal. The Service Provider is the responsible addressee for any claim You may have in connection with the performance or non-performance of the Travel Service.

1.1.5 When ordering Travel Services, if You have the option to submit special requests (such as special meals, disability facilities, or child seats), We will forward your request to the appropriate Service Provider. However, we cannot guarantee that the Service Provider will be able to fulfil such requests.

1.2 Our Own Services

Apart from mediating Travel Services as stated in Section 1.1 above, the Flight Portal also provides additional services (not related to Travel Services) for which We are responsible. You will have a direct contractual relationship with Us for such services. In each situation, we make it apparent if and to what degree we provide our own services rather than merely facilitating third-party services. Our own service portfolio may change over time. Section 7 describes some of our own services. A complete explanation of such extra services, as well as information regarding our costs and supplemental terms and conditions for booking and usage, is supplied to You during the booking process for any services not set forth in these T&Cs.

1.3 Applicable Contractual Conditions

1.3.1 According to section 1.1 the terms and conditions apply to both the mediation of travel services and on our own services according to section 1.2.

1.3.2 The agreement between You and the relevant Service Provider is governed by the general terms and conditions of the relevant Service Provider (such as carriage conditions, transfer conditions, insurance conditions, and so on) as provided by the Service Provider (Section 1.1.2). The appropriate Service Provider's general terms and conditions will be communicated to you throughout the booking process.You should read the Service Provider's terms and conditions carefully since they may include rules relating to responsibility, cancellation, changes to bookings, refunds (if available), and other restrictions.

2. Booking process and contact information

2.1 During the booking process, you will be given the technological tools you need to discover and repair problems in entry forms before submitting your booking request. Before submitting your booking request, please double-check all facts for accuracy. Subsequent requests for changes may result in significant additional expenditures.

2.2 We may need to contact You in the future, for example, if the purchased Travel Services alter. Your contact information, such as your phone number and email address, must be accurate. You must also check to see if You have received a message from Us on a regular basis.

It's also your obligation to make sure you can receive our messages. We are not liable if You do not get a message from Us due to circumstances without our reasonable control, such as, but not limited to: I You provided us with an erroneous email address; (ii) Your email settings prevent our email from reaching You; or (iii) Our email is treated as spam by your email settings.

3. Mediation of flights

3.1 Conclusions of contract and price changes

3.1.1 The receipt of your booking request will be confirmed when you submit it. This is the point at which the mediation agreement between You and Us takes effect.

3.1.2 You will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number once your requested tickets have been granted. This is the point at which You and the appropriate airline(s) have reached a legally binding agreement.

3.1.3 The eligible airline enters flight prices and seat availability directly into the Flight Portal. If the airline makes changes that are beyond our control (e.g., price changes, seat availability, or something else) after a booking request is made but before the contract with the airline becomes binding (as described in Section 3.1.2 above), your payment will be fully refunded and the contract will not enter into force

3.2 Information on booking and transport conditions

3.2.2 The terms and conditions of the specific airlines will be made available to you before you conclude for any of your bookings.

3.2.3 We do not have guaranteed access to the airline's booking system while mediating Travel Services supplied by airlines.If this is the case, we may be able to negotiate a contract on your behalf with the airline. As a result, please contact the relevant low-cost airline directly if you have any questions about your reservations, changes, or cancellations. If you purchased our Flexible Ticket service (see Section 8), however, any reservation change requests must be made through our customer service department, as detailed in Section 8.1.4. You may receive two reservation confirmations: one from us and one from the airline. Please utilise the confirmation of bookings you obtained from the low-cost airline for check-in if you have received two reservations confirmations.

3.2.4 We provide information on booking and transportation conditions frequently applied by airlines in such or similar ways below as a general overview. Any deviating provisions of the relevant airline, on the other hand, take precedence over the general information contained in Section 3.2.4. As a result, please examine the appropriate terms and conditions of the relevant airline prior to making your reservation in each situation.

A. Flight times/check-in

All flight times are based on local time zones. A "+1" on the timetable indicates arrivals the next day. The mentioned flight times are estimates and are subject to vary at any moment after the ticket has been issued, for example, due to flight control constraints, weather, or airline operational limits. Please stay up to date on current times well in advance of your flight.

Please adhere to the airline's check-in requirements. If you are late for check-in, the airlines have the right to deny you boarding. Please keep in mind that certain airlines urge you to check in on their own website since they may charge you a fee if you check in physically at the airport.

B. Combination of individual tickets

During the booking process, a combination of two distinct one-way tickets instead of a roundtrip ticket is explicitly marked as such. In the case of a cancellation, change, or disruption of air traffic, such as strikes or changes to flight schedules, the tickets are treated separately. The rules of each airline will apply. Your text will be rewritten by QuillBot. To begin, type or paste something into this box and then press the enter key. Flight tickets with different booking numbers are always treated as separate journeys.

C. Flight tickets with several segments/order of use

Your roundtrip or one-way ticket may be divided into many sections. The majority of airlines require that such flight portions be used in a specific order. Many airlines will refuse to transport you on subsequent flight segments if you do not comply (e.g. If you don't use one leg of a journey, you risk losing the balance of your ticket.). If you have a roundtrip ticket, a no-show on your departure flight may cause the airline to cancel your inbound journey.

D. Pregnancy

Some airlines will not transport pregnant women who are past week 28 at the time of the outbound or return journey. If you are pregnant, you must check with the airline and your doctor to see if you are allowed to travel.

E. Infant and child tickets

Please contact the airline for information on how to fly with a youngster who does not have a separate seat. Children beyond the age of two usually require a separate seat, however children between the ages of 0 and 2 are considered infants and will not be assigned a seat. If the child reaches the age of two before the conclusion of the journey, a child ticket must be purchased for the duration of the journey. Infant tickets cannot be purchased before birth since the proper name and birth date must match those on the passport. We will not reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of booking the incorrect type of ticket from the start.

F. Unaccompanied minors

We do not assist unaccompanied kids in purchasing tickets. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when travelling. Some nations and airlines will not allow children under the age of 18 to travel unless they are accompanied by a legal guardian. Please keep in mind that some airlines will need youngsters under the age of 18 to fly with a birth certificate.

G. Lost/damaged luggage

We assume no responsibility for missing or damaged luggage in our function as an intermediary. Any concerns should be reported right away to the airline's agent at the airport.

H. Transit and overnight accommodation

In most cases, the cost of ground transportation and/or overnight accommodations is not included in the flight ticket price. You are responsible for researching ground transportation schedules and rates on your own.

I. Connection times between flights

Connection times have been approved for standard tickets purchased through the Flight Portal. The airlines calculate the amount of time required to connect between flights. The airlines are obligated to help You in reaching your final destination if a flight segment is delayed and results in a missed connection (see Section 11.1).

When booking separate tickets, the airlines are not responsible for missed connections due to delays. As a result, it is your obligation to ensure that the connecting time provided by the airlines and airports is adequate. Any additional charges paid as a result of missed connections are not refundable.

J. Double booking

A double booking occurs when two or more bookings with the same airline are made under the same passenger name. The airline may cancel your travel if you have a double booking (s). This can also happen if the reservations were made through separate travel agents. We are not liable for flight cancellations or rejected airline refunds in circumstances where the airlines suspect a double booking.

K. Hazardous materials

Airlines are not responsible for missing connections due to delays when individual tickets are purchased. As a result, it is your obligation to ensure that the connecting time provided by the airlines and airports is sufficient. Any extra expenses incurred as a result of missed connections will not be refunded. Paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles, and radiopharmaceuticals are just a few examples. Small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toiletry items carried in your luggage, as well as some smoking materials carried on your person, are exempt.

3.3 Timetable changes and cancellation by airlines

3.3.1 Once agreed, your agreement with the applicable airline may give them the authority to change your reservations or cancel them any time. We shall advise you of any changes as soon as the airline informs us of them.

In case you wish to generate cancellation refund, or change in flight bookings, as an additional service owned, after the authorisation of the airlines terms and conditions we’ll offer to handle the request on your behalf. You can check for a list of our fees. If you did not purchase our Service Package when making your reservation, you can do so while asking our assistance.

3.3.2 Between the date of your booking and the date you actually fly, the flight times listed in your booking confirmation may vary. To ensure that the flight (and any connecting flights) depart on time, we urge that you stay up to date and call your airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. We have no control over airline schedule modifications and cannot be held liable for any fees incurred as a result of such adjustments.

3.4 Changes and cancellations requested by customers

3.4.1 The applicable airline, which is your contractual partner for providing the flight, sets the terms for modifying flight tickets (including changes to passenger name, destination, and date of travel) and giving cancellation refunds. As a mediator, we have no control over such circumstances.

3.4.2 If you desire to make a change to your booking or request a cancellation refund, we offer to handle the request on your behalf as an added own service, provided that the airline's terms and conditions accept such a change or cancellation refund. We will inform you of any additional conditions for such additional services throughout the booking process. Please take a look at our fees with customer assistance.

3.4.3 It is required for us to receive your change requests at least 24 hours prior to the start of travel in order for us to be able to handle the adjustments requested by You (only by telephone). See section 7 if you have purchased our Flexible Ticket service.

It is recommended to contact your relevant airline directly for change requests with less notice.

3.5 Non-Appearance or Non-Attendance of the Flight

You permit us to cancel the non-used flight on your behalf in the event of non-appearance or non-attendance, as well as to seek possible refunds from the airline. We have the right to do so, but not the obligation, and your right to obtain refunds from the airline remains unaltered. Click here to get a list of our fees. Check out our fees with the help of our customer service representatives.

4. Provisions for the mediation of multiple-service bookings are unique.

The Flight Portal allows you to mix and combine as many different services as you want. In this scenario, you've asked us to act as a mediator between you and several travel service providers. Before the booking is finalised, the relevant suppliers will be clearly displayed to You during the booking process. When you combine various services, you do not enter into a travel contract with us; instead, you enter into separate contracts with each separate supplier for the provision of individual services. In this instance, we are acting purely as a mediator between each particular travel service and ourselves.

5. Passport, visa, and health-related information

5.1 Because passport, visa, and/or health requirements sometimes vary, you should verify with the appropriate government (embassy, consulate, etc.) well before your trip. It is your obligation to ensure that you have a current passport and, if necessary, a visa. It's crucial to remember to include all transit points in your itinerary, as some of them may require a visa. Because obtaining a visa can take a long period, you should apply well ahead of time. We will not be held liable for consumers who do not have the necessary paperwork.

5.2 Each destination has its own admission criteria, immunizations, and other procedures, which can change based on the passenger's nationality. It is your job to gather this data. We shall not be held liable for any events that occur as a result of our failure to follow such official regulations. As a result, we strongly advise You to always double-check the various formalities of your chosen destination or transit country, as well as the time required to complete all of the necessary steps.

6. Our own services

6.1 Flexible Tickets

6.1.1 The Flexible Ticket, if chosen during the booking process, allows You to alter the date and/or time of your flight booking under the parameters outlined in this section, without incurring our and/or the airline's change fees. We solely mediate the transportation contract between You and the appropriate airline while delivering our Flexible Ticket service. Because the Flexible Ticket is a service we provide (you cannot use our Flexible Ticket service by contacting the airline directly), all rebooking requests involving the Flexible Ticket must be made through our customer service department (see Section 7.1.4).

6.1.2 Flights can be rebooked using the Flexible Ticket if the following conditions are met:

6.1.3 The Flexible Ticket must be purchased and paid for at the time of booking, and it cannot be added later.

6.1.4 If you need to rebook your ticket, please call our customer care line during regular business hours.

6.1.5 We will only process your rebooking once we have received confirmation through email. Please contact our customer support if you do not receive a confirmation.

6.1.6 Flights rebooked through the Flexible Ticket service are subject to availability. You must incur the additional costs if the requested change results in a more expensive ticket or if the passenger no longer qualifies for a special rate (for example, for an infant child). We are not liable for the consequences of rebooking on any additional services purchased directly from the airline (such as booking of additional luggage or seat reservations).

6.1.7 The cost of the Flexible Ticket service will not be returned if you cancel your flight.

6.1.8 The rebooking option through the Flexible Ticket service will no longer be applicable if You do not show up for a leg of the route.

7. Charges and payment

7.1 Payment

7.1.1 Payment for Travel Services is handled by us, our corporate affiliates (in collaboration with our payment service provider(s) who provide the payment processing capability), the Flight Portal provider, or the Service Provider. When we share payment information with our payment service provider, it is encrypted and stored on a secure server (s).

7.1.2 The payment may be split into two different transactions, one from us and the other from the Service Provider, depending on the booking criteria and additional services. You will not be charged anything more than the total price shown on our website. The same security precautions are used. Prices and fees charged by Service Providers may not always be in the same currency as those indicated on the Portal. Instead, we present an approximation in the Portal's default currency. As a result, the amount charged by the Service Provider when you make a reservation using a credit card may fluctuate somewhat owing to currency fluctuations. If the above applies to your reservation, you will be notified throughout the booking process.

7.1.3 You must ensure that there are sufficient funds available in order for us to process your payment. We shall retry the processing of your payment in collaboration with our payment service provider if there is a problem with the processing of your payment (s). If this does not result in a successful withdrawal of funds from You, We will contact You as soon as possible for payment instructions. Your unpaid payment will be sent to a debt collection business if we do not receive your payment following such instructions.

7.2 Payment thievery

If we have cause to believe that fraud is being perpetrated, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the payment. If a crime is suspected, payment legitimacy may be sought. Payment fraud of any kind will be reported to the authorities.

7.3 Refunds

If the intended adjustment results in a more expensive ticket or the customer losing their access to a special rate, you are responsible for these charges.

8. Claims

8.1 Claims involving the provision of travel services

Any issue, remark, or claim relating to the actual performance of the Travel Services must be directed to the appropriate Service Provider with whom you have a contract for that Travel Service. Please consult section 11 for information about your legal rights.

8.2 Claims relating to our own services

Claims for our own services are only accepted in writing and must be presented within two months of your trip's end date.

Email address: support@airbeastravel.com

9. Liability

9.1 You agree that We will act as a go-between for you and the Service Provider. We shall not be held liable under any circumstances for Travel Services You have booked with one or more Service Providers, and We will not be held liable for any mistakes in the information presented on the Flight Portal that have been given by the individual Service Provider.

9.2 We can only act as a middleman and reimburse payments where we have already received them from the applicable Service Provider if a Service Provider is unable to deliver the Travel Service for any reason, including if a Service Provider declares bankruptcy.

9.3 We are liable for damages in relation to our own services, subject to the limitations set out in the T&Cs and to the extent permitted by law. We will only be liable for direct damages that You have actually experienced, paid, or incurred as a result of an attributable breach of our responsibilities in relation to our own services, up to the cost of your booking (whether for one event or a series of connected events).If there are deficiencies with reservations, confirmations, and/or execution of any bookings or services as a result of unusual events or situations beyond our control (force majeure), We are excused from any resulting legal liabilities.

9.4 Section 12.3's restriction of liability also applies to breaches of duty by persons for whom We are legally liable.

10. Data Protection

We are highly concerned about the security of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail how we collect, manage, and use your personal information.

11. Cancellation and Refund Policies

Each airline's fare restrictions, policies, and procedures apply to all airline refunds/future credits. Service costs are levied per passenger, per ticket for modifications, refunds, cancellations, and any future credits. Visit www.airbeastravel.com/post_ticketing.php for booking related fees assistance.

12. Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees vary depending on which airport you fly into or out of. Travelers may incur personal charges from time to time as a direct result of unsatisfactory passenger transportation and/or related auxiliary services delivery. The directory and quick reference to the taxes, charges, and fees associated with airline ticket purchasing and cancellation. Please visit Taxes Fees

It will assist you in gaining access to all information pertaining to the tax list and currency code.

Please keep in mind that any adjustment or refund is subject to the airline's terms and conditions as well as the airline's fare rules. There may be additional airline fees to pay. As a mediator, we have no say in the matter.

If the intended adjustment results in a more expensive ticket or the customer losing their access to a special rate, you are responsible for these charges.


Airbeas Travel is a self-reliant online travel agency and not associated with any third party. By accessing and using AirbeasTravel.com website you agree that Airbeas Travel is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, however arising, from the use of any of the information, offers, materials or links to other sites found on this website.
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