Post-Ticketing Service Fees

Applies To For Amount per Ticket
Agent Assisted Cancellation 1
Cancellation requested within 24 hours of booking (USA webites only)

Per-passenger, per-ticket fees:

  • Domestic
    Business and First Class:
Cancellation & Refunds (after 24 hrs)
Economy Business/First
Agent Assisted Cancellation1w/Future Credit

Agent Assisted Cancellation2w/Refund
Domestic International Domestic International
$50 $50 $100 $100
$100 $250 $250 $250
Changes to Existing Bookings (exchange)
Within 10 days of new travel date1

Beyond 10 days of new travel date2
$50 $50 $100 $100
$100 $250 $250 $250
Special Services
Economy Business/First
Agent Assisted Waivers
Domestic International Domestic International
$50 $50 $100 $100
Fees for agent assistance to seek refund or future airline credit for reasons listed below
Death/Bereavement Duplicate Infant Medical
Military Name Change Name Correction No Show
Reinstate Routing Changes Ticket Validity UNMR
Visa/Schengen Visa Issues

Other Terms & Conditions

All Airline Refunds/Future Credits are subject to each airline fare rules, policies and procedures Service fees charged on changes, refunds, cancellations & any future credits is charged on a per passenger, per ticket basis.

✓Our transaction service fees aka booking fees, all post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable & subjected to change without any prior notice. Our fees is in addition to service charge or fees imposed by any airline and/or travel supplier.

✓Government imposed taxes and fees are subject to change. You will only be charged the final total amount displayed or quoted by our agent.

✓Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Only available if our Travel Suppliers’ fare rules allow cancellation and refunds, and we have accepted your request for a refund, you are not a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing), and if we are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.

✓Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Airline Refunds/Future credits are subject to airline fare rules, policies and procedures.

Special Services - All Special Services are made on request ONLY and are subjected to airline's review & approval based on their fare rules, policies and procedures. Special Service Fees is levied upon the avaialbility of the service(s) and will be refunded ONLY when request is declined by the airline.

Name Misspelling - Passengers name on their airline ticket does not match their passport or other universally accepted government ID

Visa/Passport - A Visa/Passport decline letter is normally required in order to process a request

Baggage - please retain all receipts and baggage tags

No- Show - Documentation advising why you were unable to make your scheduled departure will be required

Denied Boarding - Documentation as why you were denied boarding of your scheduled departure will be required

Duplicate Tickets - Copies of all tickets, reflecting exact same itineraries booked with us will be required in order to process a refund request


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